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How does it work?

Managed UI Flow is composed of a set of states (Rendering a View or executing any Action or your own states etc.). Switching(transition) of the flow from one state to another is triggered by an event. This continues till the flow completes. When a flow is created the initial state of the flow is defined by the from attribute in the MUIF. The three states of MUIF are:

A render view(syntax <when user="submit" />) state, when entered pauses the flow and returns the control to the client/user and the flow is resumed on the user/client event which resumes the flow and triggers the transition to the state depending on the user/client input or decision.

A execute controller action(syntax <when itis="done" />) state executes an action and returns a logical result on its completion. The next to which the flow will be transitioned to depends on the result of this state.

A render flow(syntax <when flow="complete" />), also called as subflow, state is used to represent independent flows which are not dependent on the main flow. A subflow is created as child of main flow (parent flow). When a subflow is called the parent flow is suspended until the child flow completes. This helps to maintain the application as a set of sub-modules (Subflows) which can be used multiple times. The Subflow can be child of another Subflow or of the root flow.

EndFlow(syntax <when flow/user/itis="<state>" then="" />):: Flow enters this state usually when no other transition to perform. When entered the active flow session is terminated if it is mainflow else subflow will be terminated and main flow will be resumed.

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